HexAreGone: an action puzzle game for iOS made in Swift

With Apples release of the Swift Programming Language I felt the urge to do something with it. The storyboard seemed like a good starting point and I wanted to implement some basic UI functionality. But then something far more interesting caught my eye: Sprite Kit.

I was delighted to see how much Apple cares about game developers these days. I used to write mobile games in JavaScript, porting them to iOS and Android using Phonegap. But here I had all the tools at hand for creating a native game. They even had a fairly advanced 2D physics system available.

So after discovering these cool new features I wanted to use them to make a game. The result was HexAreGone:


It’s a fast paced action puzzle that you play by tapping colorful hexagons coming down from the top of the screen. When you do so, the background color changes to the color of the one you hit. If you hit a hexagon of the same color as the background, you loose. If a hexagon that doesn’t have the same color as the background hits the bottom of the screen, you loose.

You can download it on the App Store for free (no in app purchases, no ads) so give it a try.

App Store

Have fun!