The Making of Crucial Pain

Recently outofscope has open sourced Crucial Pain, an HTML5 game in which you control a puck through 32 levels with increasing difficulty. You can find it on GitHub, play it online or download it from the AppStore for free.

The rules are fairly simple. When you tap a point on the screen, you accelerate towards it. The greater the distance between you and that point, the faster you go. After tapping, you lose control over the game. When you hit a wall, you lose one of your three lives and in return win back control. Apart from this (more…)

circle bullet pattern in phaser

After working on tinyRPG for a while I wanted to share some of the my approaches to implement common game mechanics in phaser. Therefore this example will show you how to create a circular bullet wave as seen in many bullet hell games. (more…)

tinyRPG: a fast paced action rpg made with phaser.js

I haven’t posted for quite a while now. That’s due to the fact that I was working on a commercial game. The working title is “tinyRPG” and it will hopefully become what its title and the title of this post suggest: a fast paced tiny action RPG. Artistically I’m trying to resemble the style of 8bit games from the NES era (more…)

Sticky Slopes

When I started implementing the collision layer, I was quickly facing a problem that caused me considerable headache. I needed slopes, sticky slopes. Since I used AABB collision detection and didn’t want to give up the speed advantage, I decided to implement the slopes as collision callbacks. (more…)