tinyRPG: a fast paced action rpg made with phaser.js

I haven’t posted for quite a while now. That’s due to the fact that I was working on a commercial game. The working title is “tinyRPG” and it will hopefully become what its title and the title of this post suggest: a fast paced tiny action RPG. Artistically I’m trying to resemble the style of 8bit games from the NES era by using the great Tiny16 Tileset by Lanea Zimmerman.

The library will again be phaser.js as it quickly became my absolute favorite for canvas manipulations of all kinds, not only for games. I decided not to target tablets and smartphones, as I could by no means find a way to implement game controls for fast and exact shooting while still remaining solid movement controls. Maybe action RPGs are just not made for mobile when you want more than the bare minimum of gameplay mechanics.

Story wise you will play a little girl from a small village that was attacked by dark powers. As you are the only one with magical abilities, you have been selected by the council of elders to save the villagers by going into the old mine to find the source of darkness. So there you are, lost, weak, alone. Will you be able to gain enough power to survive this ordeal? This question drives the gameplay as you kill monsters, learn new spells and find rare items.

The key places will be handmade, but the rest of the game (the dungeon) will be procedurally generated, thus giving the player a different experience every time he starts a new game. Here is an early version of the small village the little girl comes from:


And here are a few screenshots from the current development version. The highscore will be removed from the final game, its just in there to make testing more fun. Also the dungeons still look pretty blank, because the algorithms for decoration and different wall materials are not done yet.